Do you struggle with your critical voice? Do you struggle to express yourself freely? Would you like to feel and be more authentically creative, more playful and allow yourself to truly feel and go with the flow? Are you often creatively blocked?


Waterflow Therapy allows you to bypass the blocks and limitations of the mind, reconnecting you with yourself and your own flow. Working from the body, you will connect automatically to your feelings, your personal rhythm and energy and learn to trust the process - without allowing self-criticism, or judgement to get in the way. In this way, you will also learn to trust yourself better.

The playful aspect of the work connects you with your "inner child" - the most creative part of your psyche and the part that already knows how to play. It is through play that we are most successfully creative and through play that we can be most inspired. The best ideas come through play... And the most fun! Learning to play again, as adults, therefore impacts every aspect of our lives - whether, or not, you are an "artist". We are all artists of our own lives!

Key to the work is the use of water. The water works like a mirror - mirroring your process and feelings back to you and allowing you to become your own healer, therapist and/or teacher... Whatever your block, it will be reflected in and quickly emerge through this process. Because of the simplicity of the approach, it is then also very easy to unblock yourself - you just need to be open to the work and to allowing things to happen where you might normally try to make things happen.

The process is a physical, not a mental, one and so you will feel safer than in some other expressive therapies. If you choose to explore your feelings in this work, it will allow you to access deeper feelings more easily and safely. If your aim is to work with your inner child, then the focus is on developing a new, positive and fun relationship with this part of your psyche - rather than on any past hurt, or trauma. And if the aim is simply to unblock your creative flow and have more fun, then you are guaranteed to come away feeling lighter, happier and more connected with the creative, playful part of you.

When you let go and trust yourself, magic happens.

If it sounds amazing, it is... We are born 90% water and, by adulthood, our cells are still 70% water. Our bodies experience emotions as movements – like ripples of varying rhythms – through the water in our cells. Molecular biologist and psychoneuroimmunologist Candace Pert, Ph.D., in her book Molecules of Emotion, describes them as ‘…a vibration that rings a doorbell to open the doorway to the cell.’


So when we engage with water, we are engaging with our own element, which is how we can use it to reflect our own vibrations – or feelings – and it is why the work always feels surprisingly natural. It’s why we respond so powerfully to the sea, or the calm surface of a lake.

When you connect to yourself, everything else starts to flow. That connection is the key to a happier you.

I offer one-on-one sessions in my studio, which you can book at a time convenient to you, as well as group sessions roughly once a month. All sessions last an hour. Please contact me if you would like a 15 minute skype, or phone, conversation to see whether this work could be helpful for you.



I have been absolutely blown away by the profound impact doing this work has had on me... I've discovered a new form of self-expression and a way to reflect on both my internal and external worlds...I warmly recommend these sessions to anyone ready to dive deep into their inner world, to achieve more harmony, peace and love within.



I was slightly skeptical before doing the water flow therapy, but was proven wrong on multiple fronts. I was fascinated to learn the science behind it - that our cells are mostly composed of water, which is why its movement is linked to our emotions and can help us release and change them. I also found my water-paint work, without my doing any talking, revealed to me very quickly the patterns that were holding me back (playing safe; over thinking). Sarah was able to gently guide me to make small, but powerful changes to how I was working so that I found myself, very naturally, letting go and creating something even more beautiful. I saw I
needed to trust myself to let go more - something I actually started to do by the end of the one-hour session.



It was a totally wonderful experience from start to finish. Everything was sensitively judged and in perfect balance. Being barefoot... working individually and yet as part of a very much shared space (on a shared mat)... the simplicity of our goals and rules... Sarah's gentle and wise guiding to help us unblock ourselves... All of these things helped coax my inner child out to play. I left the session feeling lighter and freer, the world's colours appearing brighter.

I would recommend a Waterflow therapy session to anyone who is at all curious; I have a feeling that if something about it is calling to you, then it's an experience that your hidden self would cherish. Thank you,