The ThetaHealing® Technique is a healing technique that works on your belief systems, enabling you to let go of often deep-seated and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back - perhaps even from healing itself. 90% of our minds are unconscious, and we tend to manifest situations in our lives that reflect what we believe and feel about ourselves - this is known as the Law of Attraction.

Perhaps, for example, you crave success, but you hold unconscious negative beliefs about what success might mean for you, your relationship with your family and loved ones, or even about your worthiness of it. In this case, you might be (unconsciously) making choices that keep success at arms length, all the while wondering why it's so hard to come by. Or perhaps you are experiencing more general anxiety, or panic attacks, and don't know why. With ThetaHealing we can quickly get to the root of these issues, release the bottom belief and replace it with new and empowering ones - changing how you feel and what you manifest in your life as a result.


ThetaHealing has changed and continues to change my life in ways I could never have imagined. Over time, I have changed myself and my life - not to become someone else, but rather to grow into the self I always was - underneath my fears, my depression and anxiety. The past does not have to define us, and I have seen miracles happen with my clients, as well as in my own life, using the ThetaHealing Technique.

If you want to make the change, you can. I am here to support you, if you decide to take that journey with me.




Sarah is a very empathetic and talented healer. A day after seeing her I found some clarity on my issues. She created a calm, reassuring environment where I could open up fully and look inside. Asking the right questions, she helped spot the real problem underneath and pointed to the destructive belief I held. A Theta session with Sarah helped me to see my life from a different perspective, and I have gained a sense of freedom with which to make decisions.



I came to see Sarah in London for ThetaHealing after a couple of years of struggling with a very painful knee, which had started to cause me other physical problems too (nothing seemed to make it better). A month after the ThetaHealing session, my knee is now almost totally better. ThetaHealing helped me understand why I was holding onto the pain. Sarah’s insight into why I was holding onto my fear and negative emotions gave me the key to letting go and moving forwards. Sarah has an amazing ability to intuitively focus and to see what is going on and holding one back in developing and changing vital areas of one’s life. Now my knee is fixed, I want to fix the other broken parts of my life – I’m coming back for more!



I recently tried theta healing with Sarah and I found the process to be incredibly insightful and enlightening. In this gentle environment, using the Theta Healing technique and muscle testing to reveal unconscious beliefs I had about myself, I was helped to let go of some deep-seated restricting beliefs. I found Theta Healing to be a wonderful healing process that encourages you to explore unconscious beliefs and let them go in a safe gentle environment. I highly recommend this if you want to take a step towards breaking old habits and starting new ones.


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