Sarah is an incredibly gifted and talented teacher and mentor. She worked with my two children (currently ages 9 and 12 years) for over five years and they loved every minute of their time with her. Led by their interests and brainstorming, they each came up with imaginative projects utilising many different mediums and techniques. We initially started with Sarah because my oldest child had fine motor struggles which affected his writing and concentration. But with Sarah, he could focus on tapping into his imagination through the different projects he created. She helped provide an outlet for his storytelling skills to develop outside of the traditional learning environment at school. They even created his own board game- start to finish, including the board, pieces and writing of rules. And it wasn’t too long before my younger child requested her time with Sarah as well. She worked with their individual and varied interests— no two creations were the same. I would, without reservations, highly recommend Sarah as a creative mentor for your child.
— Aviva, London
Sarah’s artistic ability and creativity have a valuable impact on the children. She is always sensitive and patient, and is intuitive towards their specific needs. I have been impressed by clear evidence of increased confidence, both socially and emotionally in my children.
Sarah has developed a very positive relationship the children, and allows them to express themselves by presenting an outcome which is not pre-specified. She provides a safe framework for this to happen by creating a positive working environment. Sarah understands the way children think and behave... They trust her and are able to share their work and ideas with her.
I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah.
— Liz B, London
We contacted Sarah, because, while my son age 8 is getting along fine at school, he suffered from glue ear for a couple of years and it had a huge impact in his school on his confidence. My daughter age 5 struggles with reading and spelling, but loves art, and I wanted her to work with someone who could help her overcome her fears and blocks in a more creative way.

Both my children are really enjoying their sessions with Sarah. They are learning through fun, creativity and games often without realising that this is what they are doing. Their confidence with language, storytelling and expressing themselves in a variety of ways is increasing, and they see the work as “fun”!

Since my children have started with Sarah, my son’s confidence has improved. He is putting his reluctance to get involved to one side as he now wants to express himself and show others what he can do. His school teacher has said that he is putting his hand up in class to answer questions, something unheard of, for him, a few months
ago. My daughter loves art even more and is confident to speak about her creations and plan the next project. She is writing lists and making books to write her stories in which is a huge step in the right direction for her.

Sarah provides a safe environment for my children where they can try out new ideas and, driven by their own curiosity, are empowered to grow and develop holistically.
— Liz W, London