Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, wrote that Reiki was about finding a state of peace - about knowing your life's purpose. This is exactly what Reiki can do for you - it can help you to find your way when you are feeling lost, or overwhelmed, and it can help to clear old energy and emotions, rebalancing you and making way for better health, new opportunities and new clarity about yourself and your what you want for your life.

If you are in the middle of a life transition - or trying to create one - then Reiki is for you. Perhaps you want to bring more creativity into your life - or change what you are doing in order to live in a way that feels more fulfilling and more "you".

Or perhaps you are moving into a new phase of your life such as motherhood. Reiki can support you through and beyond pregnancy, helping you to adjust to the new responsibilities that a child brings and, importantly, nurturing you. We have to look after ourselves in order to be able to look after others.

Whatever, your life transition, Reiki brings you back into balance - physically, hormonally, psychologically, and emotionally. It restores energy when you are feeling burnt out. It accelerates natural healing processes in the body (post-natal recovery, supporting your immune system, and healing aches and pains). It reduces stress, and clears emotional and psychological blocks. Your mind and body will feel lighter and clearer after just a single treatment, and you will find that you sleep better too.

Reiki puts you in the best possible position to move forward - to create this exciting next phase in your life journey.


Reiki for pregnancy/post-birth

Reiki can help balance your hormones and assist your post-birth recovery. It can be beneficial not only for women who have had a difficult birth but can also help reduce the chance of postnatal depression. Reiki can also help babies sleep better and assist with colic and teething. Babies who suffer from reflux can also benefit from Reiki as they often sleep sounder, cry less and become happier in themselves. So Reiki can be good for:

  • Post-birth aches & pains
  • Anxiety, depression & sleeplessness
  • Digestive problems
  • Constipation
  • Baby colic & reflux


Reiki can help you with all these issues, making you to feel better and giving you an overall post-birth boost both emotionally and physically.


Reiki for Creatives

Reiki can put you back in touch with your creative flow, releasing the blocks - emotional, spiritual and psychological that may be holding you back - or restoring you when you feel burnt out. Reiki may help you to connect better with your inner child, who is also your inner artist - the one who knows how to play. And reiki can clear out old energy, creating space not just for new ideas, but also new opportunities. Reiki can help you to manifest what is already within you - your full creative power and a path to realising your goals.

Reiki can:

  • Restore and release your creative flow and energy
  • Relieve anxiety & depression
  • Bring you clarity and help you see and find your way forward
  • Clear the blocks
  • Bring in new opportunities to your life
  • Help with inner child work


“The state of your mind being totally at peace, knowing what to do with your life, bothered by nothing.”
(Mikao Usui)


I work from Theta (or 7th plane Source energy) to connect you to the Reiki energy, and this allows me to give you a very pure and powerful form of the healing energy.

I will always work with what feels right and comfortable for you. I aim to create a safe, warm and non-judgemental space into which you can bring whatever issues you need to bring. Significant changes can be made and felt very fast with Reiki - within you and in your life, although the process is a very gentle one.


‘I came to Sarah with quite a list of issues (!) physical, emotional and a combination of the two that I was hoping to get some help with. I’ve found the sessions I have had with her over the last few months hugely beneficial. I’ve had significant relief from back pain and physical manifestations of anxiety (panic attacks, etc.) and have also genuinely been able to let go of some pretty toxic feelings of self-hatred that have been stopping me from getting on with certain things in my life for a long time. It’s been a truly transformational and positive experience and one I’m very thankful for.’ 
-Sarah, London

‘I came to see Sarah for Reiki after months of stress. I’d been feeling completely mixed up and paralyzed. I was unable to make any decisions… By the end of the session, the sense of oppression had lifted… My mind felt clearer, and I was able to start planning my next steps… I also got the job I was hoping for!’
- Nora, London