My work as a Creative Mentor is something that has grown up organically over the years, bringing together all aspects of my training and interests and allowing me to use them in the capacity I love best - working with children and young people. Sometimes, it's just a few tweaks, or the right experience with the right teacher, or mentor, that is enough to change a child's sense of self, their confidence and their outlook.

I am very intuitive and highly empathic, and I use these skills to connect with my mentees on deeper, emotional levels. This connection itself can be hugely transformative and, I find, extremely rewarding on both sides. I am constantly inspired by the children and young people with whom I work.

I have been self-employed as an Artist, Creative Mentor and Complementary Therapist since 2013.

Previous work experience includes work as a Teaching Assistant in various London-based primary schools, work placements with children in schools and charities as a trainee Art Psychotherapist and a role as an Art Educator and Facilitator with the Saatchi Gallery London.


2018     Turps Art School:  Correspondence Course

2017     The Royal Drawing School:  single course

2012-13     The University of Hertfordshire:  Post Graduate Diploma in Art Psychotherapy

2006-7     The Motley School of Theatre Design Course

2002-6     Cambridge University:  2.i Social Anthropology