Intuitive Creative Mentor foR children and young people

Sarah Nabarro

Empowering children and young people to grow in confidence and find their language

...They loved every minute of their time with her...




The Creative Mentoring programme can help your child to:

Build emotional and social confidence  

Empower them to find their own language – expanding the ways in which they are able to express themselves and communicate

Empower them to find their own ways of learning, growing and developing

Develop their creativity, curiosity and imagination

I use artmaking, storytelling and the mentoring relationship itself to empower the child to achieve all of the above. Storytelling is key as we are always, I think, telling stories - about ourselves, the world and the things we are interested in.

Creative Mentoring is for children who could use more confidence, who aren't getting the attention they need in school, or who might be struggling to express themselves. It’s also for children who – for whatever reason – are struggling with academic and/or social pressures and who need a safe space to develop their own way forward.

I am an artist, and I have a background in art psychotherapy with children and in teaching in primary education. I work with mentees in my painting studio, which I believe is a part of the magic of the Creative Mentoring experience.

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